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Has your Journey to freedom as an Entrepreneur landed you on another plantation?

If you feel like you have been enslaved by your journey into entrepreneurship and are ready for more wealth... and the freedom to enjoy it...

Join the maroons!

If you're ready to escape the plantation life... Working from before light to no light on your business... Chasing customers like freedom...

If you're you ready to THRIVE... without the fear of being towered over... relentlessly pursued by debt, systemic racism and consumer giants like Amazon™ or Walmart™... seeking to rob you of what little freedom you have and put you back into the shackles of the dollar per hour... debt slave???

Have you noticed that you seem to be working twice as hard and not making half the progress in your entrepreneurial journey as your competitors... even when you have a better product or service... let me tell you a not so secret secret. When it comes to business... The 'Best known'

will always beat... the best best!

They constantly tell you about... 'The Wealth Gap'. You know by now... who you are dealing with, right?

Of course you do!!!

So are you sure there isn't a hidden agenda... They push the "Wealth Gap " so much on TV... I decided to look beyond it. This is what I found.

Let me make it clear for you... we are dealing with a DISEASE... a mental disease...

The 'Wealth Gap' is a SYMPTOM of the 'Information Gap'... you don't CURE sicknesses by treating the symptoms.. this is how the pharmaceutical companies are... keeping themselves RICH... they don't treat the sickness... they allow you to live comfortable and tolerate the symptoms... a deadly placebo... that has you rationalizing...

I FEEL better... so I am better.

All the while this medicine is slowly causing side effects... that must be treated as well...

Black people continuing to focus on 'the wealth gap'... is like tying a tourniquet below the cut and wondering... WHY... am I still BLEEDING OUT!!!

Surely, you noticed...

you're working twice as hard... but not producing half... the results as your competition.

I have never been more serious than I am right now... Paradise is waiting for YOU!

Tucked away in The Great Dismal Swamp... Maroon communities are founded on PERSISTENCE... it's a difficult place to thrive... until you... get familiar with the terrain.

I promise... You WILL as a Maroon...

Once you do that... you are safe to thrive in peace or raid corporate plantations... competitors or even different markets taking their customers at will... like you had some type of mysterious power reborn in you... awakening the secret powers of your African ancestors... you probably do... lol but that's another topic...

You will do this naturally... once you understand what it really takes to be free... Question...

Would you agree that... you are not making the maximum amount of money for your business? You do?

Good... Now that we are on the same page...


When a fortune 500 company's CEO isn't maximizing the companies profits... they get FIRED. As a business owner your obligation is to produce the MAXIMUM profit for your shareholders... as an entrepreneur... YOU are the... primary shareholder.

To solve your problem the first thing you need to do is... fire yourself...

then hire yourself as your marketing consultant. Nobody knows your business... your products... or your services better that YOU... you are the most qualified person on the PLANET... to market YOU!

Do you know who your ideal customer is and how to find them? Are they seeing your business in the magazines they read... or on the social media platforms the enjoy most?

Have you established trust and built credibility for your products and services... how many information products do you have that highlight you as THE EXPERT in your field... are you collecting testimonials and asking for referrals... this paragraph alone gave you FOUR ways to increase your profit in less that 14 days. Three referrals from 10 clients is 30 new potential customers who have been told by the people they trust... that you or your products are great for them! These are the EASIEST sales!

You can imagine what you have waiting for you once you decide you can no longer afford to be a slave to your own business... you get the picture?

Here is the most important secret I have ever found... but few other Black entrepreneurs seem to get it... NOTHING is more important than your ability to get and keep customers... not credit... not infinite banking... not investing... getting and keeping customers.

You can't do that well unless you understand whose needs you are meeting and what needs... they need met and how they expect them to be met! You have a responsibility to know your customer... 80% percent of the business that will fail in 2023.. Will be BLACK OWNED.

The question now is... will you be in that 80% that fail... or the 20% that succeed?

To be in that 20%... you must do what the 80% refuse to do... marketing. It's what separates the $10,000 a month... from the $100,000 a month and the $100,000 from the MILLION dollar a month or more business.

You're not a billion dollar brand so you cannot advertise like them unless you want to waste money... you need to understand your buyer and their needs... you have to understand what PLANTATION they are stuck on... and how to get them free!

You see being a Maroon, isn't just about your freedom. It is about having freedom and providing freedom and keeping freedom!


If You are Black...

failure is not an option...

and you will only except THRIVING as the option for your Business...

I have an Exclusive opportunity for you!

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ATTENTION: Black entrepreneurs and business owners

You CAN Increase Your profit, Cut your Costs and Increase Your Sales...

...While SIMULTANEOUSLY Solving wage inequality, food insecurity, medical insecurity, homelessness, and environmental wellness IN THE Black community.

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why you need this?

If the 'Plantation Life' as an entrepreneur isn't for you... Marron marketing is!

You can be free... from the feeling of being enslaved by your entrepreneurial journey, giving you more wealth and... the freedom to enjoy it!

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Maroon Marketing Membership, crafted exclusively for Black entrepreneurs hungry for success and freedom.

You will learn to unlock a treasure trove of tools, strategies, and a supportive community ready to uplift your business.

Break the chains of systemic barriers and maximize your profits while positively impacting our community.

Embrace the Maroon spirit, and together, we'll revolutionize your business and change the narrative about Black business success potential!

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Gold Membership

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Gold Membership

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